Jayne Hart: full time punk, part time short order cook, and paranormal investigator

2nd September 2014

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adds “we just caught our alternate universe selves making out and now everything is super awkward” to list of shipping tropes that need to be implemented everywhere

Tagged: [[Sometimes I think about punk and reverse punk au Hanna and Jayne stuck togetherfor a while and one of them walks in on the other couple making out/having sex.]]

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29th August 2014

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Cathy G Johnson has been nominated for this year’s Ignatz Award in “Promising New Talent” for damn good reason. Visit her and vote next month at SPX 2014. Here’s her seriously good (and unfortunately timely) comic from As You Were #3. Visit this Tumblr next week for our interview with Cathy and more arts!

As You Were is a punk-comix anthology series featuring new stories by our favorite independent artists from punk communities around the world. The theme for issue #3 is “Big, Big Changes”, available for [purchase here from Silver Sprocket].

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11th August 2014


hannawolfcross said: [txt] What do you call a vampire with allergies? A Nosfer-achoo

[Text] That’s terrible

[Text] I’m gonna show Hanna

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7th August 2014

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Skull Bandana
$1.99 USD (free shipping)

Tagged: I don't think he'd wear it nowbut younger Jay would have gone for the vampiric skeleton bandannaperfect for late night graffiti

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13th July 2014

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so i sketched this a month ago and kinda forgot about it after a while ;P
i just wanted to draw human!{…} i kinda imagine him being a little shit sometimes ahaha



so i sketched this a month ago and kinda forgot about it after a while ;P

i just wanted to draw human!{…} i kinda imagine him being a little shit sometimes ahaha

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18th June 2014

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18th June 2014

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Anonymous said: Does it bother you that Hanna doesn't really love you?

*Falls silent for a moment, brows knitting, and looks away*

*then he grins. psych* Hah, what fucking planet do you live on?

18th June 2014


Anonymous said: AAAAAAARRREEEE You gonna take me home tonight AAAAALLLLLLLLL Down beside that red firelight AAAAAAAWWW We're gonna let it all hang out.

Now Queen is acceptable

18th June 2014


Anonymous said: I can't decide whether you should live or die, oh you'll probably go to heaven, please don't hang your head and cry, I wonder why? My heart feels dead inside, cold and hard and petrified, lock the door and close the blinds we're going for a ride.

Hm. Not my favorite song. Not bad, though.

22nd May 2014

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—So this guy with a premature ejaculation problem comes out of nowhere.


Tagged: *mainly laughing at Hanna's reaction*

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19th May 2014


Anonymous said: I didn't mean itchy fingers like to steal things. I meant is your ring finger feeling a little light? Does the song "Single Ladies" evoke any feelings out of you.?




*awkward moment of silence*

But, uh. No. Speaking honestly, I don’t need a ring or a promise to stick around. I feel needed. I feel, you know, loved. *rubs the back of his neck* That’s enough for me. 

19th May 2014

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18th May 2014


Anonymous said: You getting itchy feet or itchy fingers after all this time?

I don’t steal. I never stole. Stealing just screws over the minimum wage bottom rung employee. Corporate doesn’t take it out of their paycheck. They take it from the little guy. 

As for drifting, I don’t know how people don’t get that urge now and then. But I walk it off. Visit old haunts. Sometimes get into a little bit of trouble like a fight. It’s good to remember how I used to live—the struggle of it—so when I finally go home, I can appreciate that I have a home to go back to.

18th May 2014


Anonymous said: So how long have you and Hanna been together anyway?

Dang… two and a half years? Since we started dating, that is.

18th May 2014


Anonymous said: A package arrives in the mail with a note: "-Dear Jay. Bought these for me but I have no room for them. :c So I thought you and yours could enjoy them. :D -MH" The package contains sturdy heels, fishnet stockings, and some lingerie. All still in the packaging.

oh my god